Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  And thanks to Cornell, Maya and Bob S. for "manning/womanning" our Rotary Table at The Cathedral Memorial Day Fair!  

Please let me know if you will be joining us this coming Sunday, June 5th at 4P for Evensong at The Cathedral followed by a private tour with Dean Michael Sniffeand light refreshments afterwards (so we'll need a good head count smiley.  So far I have myself, the Freys, the Franks and the Marshalls attending.

Our Next Meeting is June 13th.  It will be a jam packed agenda with our scholarship winners, Jack Martins - State Senator as our speaker, and a RYLA participant.  Please do arrive no later than 12:15 .... but if you're running late there will be the side table set and you can pay after the speakers have concluded!

At that meeting you can bring your lottery scratch offs ($10), restaurant gift card ($25) and bottle of wine ($15) or a check and we'll do the shopping for you.  Jen will have the list of contributors for our 6/13 meeting.  The committee:  Jen, Tracey, Alba, Linda, Joanne and myself begin wrapping the prizes 6/16 in the evening at my office.  

If you have not registered for our Community Service Awards Dinner on Wednesday, June 22nd (and twenty Rotarians have not signed up as yetsmiley- please do so today.  If you need the link again here it is:

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reserve-now-mineola-garden-city-rotary-club-2016-community-service-awards-dinner-honoring-althea-registration-24015582253    ​

[Note from the Website Administrator:  "Cornell was not able to successfully register on the Event Brite website.! sadsadfrown  Question:  When will we consider using the well functioning Event Planner that is part of our Club website.  It is free].

Wishing you all a wonderful beginning to summer!