The Sunrise Rays Newsletter

Volume 92, Number 10, November 28, 2016

Rotary Table at Cathedral Memorial Day Fair May 30, 2016 - See more at:
Rotary Table at Cathedral Memorial Day Fair May 30, 2016 - See more at:
Happy Thanksgiving!
Bring a Friend or Guest to Rotary
by Althea
“Bring a friend to Rotary” lunch meeting.  From time-to-time Club members are welcomed to bring a guest to this special meeting where there is the opportunity to meet Club members and to learn of the many services which the Club performs. Through this practice, the Club has inducted and welcome several new members in 2016. If you’d like attend as a friend of a Rotarian, please call Susan MacDonald, president at 516-643-5286.
Annual Holiday Fellowship Luncheon
Please also mark your calendar for the luncheon on Monday, December 12 at the Garden City Hotel, Noon – 2 p.m.  The renowned Garden City High School Vocal Jazz Ensemble will entertain with a selection of holiday vocal music.  PP Emily distributed a flyer and a 50/50 Raffle Drawing  order card during our regular Rotary meeting on November 14, 2016.  Please see a copy invitation and raffle card below and unless you made your arrangements already please make your reservations without further delay.  Print our the invitation and raffle card fill them out and mail them to PP Emily as indicated on the forms.  Thank you.
gain, if you have not yet made your arrangement to attend the wonderful Holiday Fellowship Party,  you may wish to print these document, fill them out and forward them to PP Emily as indicated on the forms.
President Susan called the meeting to order at 12:20 P.M. and lead the Pledge of Allegiance and delivered a prayer that was prepared by Rotarian Rev. Michael.  She then continued to officiate over the meeting. 
Introduction to our Club Web Site Presentation
President Susan cordially introduced our own member/program speaker and Director of Communication/Web Site Administrator Cornell.  She mentioned how much she is aware what dedication and time it takes to design, support and maintain a Rotary Club Web Site.  Our web site is regarded by the web site services provider as a premier web site and Cornell has been tapped to join the web site provider tem at the Rotary International  Convention in Atlanta.
All members who attended the meeting appreciated the introductory presentation on how to interact with our Club Web Site.  All eighteen attending Rotarians and one visitor seemed to thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience.  Cornell prepared three documents to summarize the essence of this and a future presentations.
Discover How our Club Web Site Benefits our Rotary Club of Mineola-Garden City
This is a multi page description in Microsoft Word describing the features of our web site.  Cornell forwarded this document to all members before the meeting per group e-mail.  A number of members have not opened this posting as off the day after the meeting presentation.  Please open your e-mail and review the document at your convenience. You may wish to print this document out and keep it in a safe place for future reference.  The document is also available under the "Downloads" section of the "About Us" on the homepage Menu Bar.
Primer #1 for the Rotary Club of Mineola-Garden City (RCMGC) Web Site
This is a Power Point Presentation  (PPP) represents a presentation from A to Z on how to interact with the public side of the Club web site.  A copy of this PPP is available under the Club web site download section as described above.   A few screens of the presentation are reproduced below:
A few slides were reproduced here to give you an idea what is contained in the entire presentation.  It most certainly will be worth your time to download the entire presentation and review it to get the full benefits.
Retrieving and Logging In
We only touched on this subject and it was agreed by President Susan that the Program Committee consisting of Althea, Martin and Herbert would schedule a few more introduction/training section starting in January 2017.  This file is similarly available a described above.
How to Sign on to the Private Section of our website presentatiion will be scheduled, in the immediate future by the Speaker Bureau according to President Susan.    A short video with a message from our RI President Germ was shown and two testimonials from Rotarians from other Rotary clubs, who use the same web site services, were presented.   To repeat, these PPPs and videos can be viewed by members at any  time after downloading them from our Download file section.  It is of paramount importance for members to review the Word Document that was forwarded to every member by an e-mail a few days ago. This same document can also be download from our Download section.
Last meeting Summary
by Althea
At last Monday’s lunch meeting of the Mineola-Garden City Rotary Club, at the Garden City Hotel, members heard Dr. Cornell Frank, a member of the Club’s Board of Directors who also serves as Website Administer, enlighten Rotarians about the Club’s Website. Dr. Frank offered an in-depth presentation which included detailed instructions on how to interact with the site.  He also provided a power point presentation, a primer to the Club website – all greatly appreciated by attending Rotarians.
The following eighteen Rotarians and one guest participated in contributing Happy Dollars: Peter A., PP Bob B.,  PP Maureen, Mildred, IPP Emily, PAG/PP(other club) Cornell, PP Joe F., Secretary Peter G., PDG/PP Tom, Martin, President Susan, AG/PP Diane, PP Peter M., Joseph P.,  PP Jenifer,  Althea, Herbert, PE Alba and our guest Major Doug.
President Susan adjourned the meeting shortly before 1:45 P.M.