President Susan called the meeting to order at 12:15 P.M. and after leading the recital of the Pledge of Allegiance herself she asked Club guest Reverend T. Sniffen to deliver the Invocation.  Thereafter she introduced our second guest Joseph C. Packard.
President Susan asked ADG/PP Diane and Rotarian Althea to join our new member Joseph C. Packard and our President for our newest member's induction.  ADG/PP Diane informed our new member Joseph about the responsibilities and duties of Rotary membership and upon Joseph's acceptance proceeded with his induction.  Althea then pinned Joseph with his Rotary pin and gave him his Rotary Badge and Rotary "Service Above Self" folder containing his Certificate of Membership, the Rotary Four-Way Test of the things we think, say or do, and the Rotary Object of Rotary - all suitable for framing and to be proudly displayed in his office.  The folder also contained business sized card containing the Four-Way Test and Object of Rotary, a decal for possible display on the automobile bumper and the all important red "New Member" ribbon to be proudly attached to the membership badge.   Joseph is a NYS tax review attorney.  The membership welcomed Rotarian Joseph with a big round of applause.
President Susan asked each of the twenty three individuals present to speak for two minutes and acted as time keeper with the aid of her smart phone "gently" emitting sounds (until the speaker stopped speaking) when the two minutes were up.  It was a delight to hear what each member was and is involved in and what contributions were made to make our world a better pace through the wonderful work of Rotary.  It was really wonderful to hear from all members present, although a total of twenty-three individuals speaking for two minutes each (with some pauses in between) made the presentations more than three-quarter of an hour long.  An impressive feat when one considers that the average human attention span maxed out in ten to fifteen minutes according to scholarly research (Mittendorf and Kalish. et. al.)
Donations were made (in alphabetical order by first name) by:  Alba, Althea, ADG/PP Diane, PP Emily, DADG/PP (prev. club) Cornell, PP Joseph, Eugene, PP Gary,  PP Jennifer, PP/Treasurer Jim, Joanne, PP Lance, Martin, PP Maureen, PP Mike, Secretary Peter G, PP Peter M.. PP Ray, PP Robert S., President Susan, Tracey,  new member Joseph P, and guest Rev. Michael Y. Sniffen.
President Susan closed the meeting at the conclusion of the proceedings.  The recorder was too exhausted to record the hour by that time.
Althea Robinson
On Thursday, February 25, volunteers from the Mineola-Garden City Rotary Club visited Stewart School in Garden City where they distributed student dictionaries to three third grade classes in the Stewart School auditorium. 
The students learned that dictionaries provide much more than words and definitions.  The student dictionaries provide information about the origins of language and writing, and include sections on weights, measures, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, maps of seven continents, information about each state, biographies of our presidents, background on the planets in our solar system and other intriguing facts.
Established in 2007, this Rotary Club service provides for between 500 and 600 dictionaries,, published by the Dictionary Project, to be distributed to third graders in both Garden City and Mineola.
In Garden City, the schools include Stewart and Stratford Schools; St. Anne’s and St. Joseph’s; in Mineola, the Jackson Avenue School.  Last year, Rotary expanded the Dictionary Project with a presentation of the books to the charitable New Ground organization located in Hempstead.
The Mineola-Garden City Rotary Club meets on alternate Mondays at the Garden City Hotel.  To learn how to Join the Club or for more information, please call Susan MacDonald, president, at (516) 643-5286.
Rotary volunteers at Stewart School (L-R): Althea Robinson, Peter Marshall, and Jennifer Poupis, project chairperson.